Happy birthday sweet princess (late, im always late)

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That Carol picture is perfect and I must personally thank you because Carol is so important to me

Carol is a beautiful child; let us wish a blessed long and powerful life to Carol.

No problem!! I’d love to see her take over in Gustav’s stead ; u ; I’d also imagine she would start giving herself point scores every time we said something intelligent/witty.

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When Carol takes over for Gustav, the President of the Daily Days gives Gustav’s coat to her

Sounds like a plan.


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Baccano! Character Map V1 (Volumes 1-9)

I’ll take the chance to present this to ya’ll baccanos, because I am filled with regret and despair after the fact my program crashed my source file and I was locked into positions (AGONY). 

My disclaimer (begging for forgiveness) is the the blurb within the image. That said though, if anyone can perhaps collab with me in the future to make this more organized and user-friendly, give me a holler. If you also find any errors, please (kindly) notify me. And also please note, I tried to be fairly objective in establishing this map, but I’m only human.

Please expect spoilers on this image.

Please find the full version here

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I drew Zuiga Mizuki :D (my sonnnnnnnnnnnn)

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Please check out a new collab video: Tsuki akari (月陽-ツキアカリ-) with Nanine Ritsu Kire / (YT): with Macnspam / Cookies and myself. 

I did the illustration! Such lovely tuning and video!! ; u ;

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New cover of Wonder-K’s Daydream.


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That Baccano! map thing is amazing! Do you have the full resolution of it? =3

Thank you! 
I’m still not finished, but I’ll definitely have a full-sized one available when I get through as many characters as I can fit.

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How to effectively give yourself a headache, step 1

Anyhow, the program I was working in had a memory crash and I almost lost everything, but I managed to salvage a compressed png of the original file. Long story short, it screwed my chances at rearranging any large groups. So I’ll have to make due with a separate system to mark down relations that span out to the other side.. Ah well.

I only planned for 1930’s-early novels by the way and perhaps Children of the Bottle. 

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I’m making a terrible mistake. WIP but it probably will not be done cause of all the crazy relationships i have to connect WHEEZE—


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